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You Are In Charge: No One Knows Your Perfect Path Except You

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Only You Know Your Perfect Path

In a world where there are an unlimited number of ways to accomplish a task, you can get stuck looking for help or trying to figure out which path is best for you. This uncertainty can lead to paralysis from information overload and fear of making the wrong decision. To take some of the pressure off, consider this, no one else is just like you. Because of this, no one will be able to tell you exactly how to walk your path in life. Whatever decision you make will be the correct one. It will allow you to have the opportunities and experiences in a way that supports learning, working out or moving through, whatever is going on in your life at that moment. Being indecisive or letting another person decide for you, is giving away your power. You are the one living the experiences and you always know what’s best for yourself.

The roles of books, videos, seminars, and other media in your life are to act as tools and resources. Coaches, mentors and various professionals can also be useful in providing information and suggestions that allow you to gain clarity and make decisions. The key is to realize that these resources and people are tools to give you guidance or insight about the next steps of your journey. They have experience and an understanding of certain information from their own perspective. If the information strikes a chord and resonates with your intuition, check it out. You will find something about it that is right for you at this specific point in your life. If something doesn’t feel right with your gut, move on. The person, book or other resource was just intended to point you in a potential direction. There are many roads you can take to get to your destination. Your decision, that decides which view you get along the way, is in your power.

No one knows what is in your heart except you, so, no one but you can know your exact path. People and information are resources to help you see options along the way. You hold the ultimate power in your choices. Keep this in mind and taking those steps forward will be easier. Don’t let not having all of the answers stop you. Answers are like onions and have many layers. As you start moving forward and peeling off the layers, you gain more understanding and the next steps become clear. If you never start peeling off the layers, you’ll never find what you’ve been searching for. Make your decision and see what’s next.

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