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You Are Everything that You Seek: Life Is a Reflection

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Life Is A Reflection of You

From a young age you are taught to believe that getting what you want in life requires struggle and sacrifice. You are programmed with ideas that portray the world as a place where lack, limitation and pain exist. If you want love you are taught you must look for it or be a certain way to receive it. If you want a successful career you are taught that it takes hard work and sacrificing things that bring you joy to get there. You are shown that you can have pieces of happiness but not everything that you’ve ever desired. What if this way of looking at and going about life was fundamentally backwards? What if the key to making this whole process easier was to look inside yourself first? What would you find and how would it change your life?

Depending on your belief system, the core of who you are is the soul or energy. Both of these labels, whichever you prefer, are limitless. Energy, by nature, cannot be created or destroyed. It holds infinite potential for the possibilities it can create. A soul, by definition and as a reflection of God, also holds infinite potential. Regardless of whether your perspective is scientific, spiritual or both, behind the limiting beliefs of the mind, you are perfect. The energy or soul that you are, is whole and complete. Though you can’t see it, the essence of anything you could ever desire in life is already present inside of you. Absolutely nothing is missing and anything is possible. This is the same energy or Divinity that comprises all other things in existence and connects you to them.

How does realizing that you are a perfect, infinite being make a difference in life? Life is a gigantic mirror. What you are living and what you see is a reflection of your beliefs. There are principles in both science and spirituality that explain and agree on this conclusion. The areas where you are lacking or struggling to achieve something are showing you where you have forgotten an aspect of yourself. When you forget a piece of yourself, even though you are always complete, you are essentially saying that “quality” doesn’t belong to you. This creates struggle. If you see something as separate from yourself, there is a constant effort associated with getting and keeping it. The energy that connects everything gets the vibe of not belonging. Your belief of it being separate is giving off the message that it doesn’t fit. It’s like a puzzle piece being close to the right shape but not the perfect fit. It just won’t stay in place unless it fits.

The solution to this is stopping to remember, what you feel you are missing is already a part of you. The energy or soul that you are already contains the vibrations of love, joy, abundance, happiness, health and every positive, wonderful experience you can imagine. When you feel that something is missing from your life or a struggle to obtain, it’s showing where you have forgotten to acknowledge and appreciate that aspect of yourself. A simple shift to remembering that you are what you seek, whether it’s abundance, health, happiness or whatever, will allow it to come into your life in a way that will seem effortless. It will be seeking you because the puzzle piece knows where it fits and you are allowing it to. By remembering that you are already everything that you seek, you release limiting beliefs and allow things to come into your life in a pleasant way instead of struggling and chasing after them. Taking action is still a necessary part of the process but the grace and ease with which things now happen and come into your life will be a welcome change.

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