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Coaching Sessions


Awareness and Clarity
In-Depth Focus on Your Story

     Awaken Your Power and Create The New Reality!  This type of session works with recognizing, understanding and changing the stories that make up your life.  Knowing how thoughts, feelings and energy work together to create a story gives you not only the ability to recognize it, but also the power to change it.

     In this session you have chosen a story or area to work with, mostly likely something you want to change.  The story is broken down for you to see the thoughts, feelings and energy that make it up.  Once you can see these pieces how they connect and work together to create the story you’ve been experiencing becomes clear.  After gaining this awareness and understanding, you have the clarity to change the blueprint and rewrite or create a new story based on where you are now.  Where you are now is aware and in charge of your power and story.

     Each session is conducted over the phone and lasts approximately one hour.  Sessions are $150 with payment accepted through PayPal.  Click below to request a session.  Please include what you would like to work on, what you hope to gain from the experience and any questions.

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