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What Is Energy & Energy Work?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Energy and Energy Work

Energy. Energy itself is a formless, limitless potential. You might think of energy in terms of power like the electricity from turning on a light switch or starting your car. You might also think of energy in terms of what you get from food or a cup of coffee. Those are examples of energy created in a particular context. Once that energy is created, it is utilized for a specific purpose. It is used to turn on your light, start your car and get your body moving. In each example, the energy has the ability to be focused for whatever outcome or result you are looking to achieve.

Let’s narrow the focus of energy down to you and your body. You are likely familiar with the idea that your body has cells, cells make energy, and that energy fuels your body. The action and existence of this energy creates an energy field. You have energy fields from the level of your individual cells, to an energy field that surrounds your entire body. In each one of these energy fields the energy is directed a certain way to accomplish a chosen or assigned task. The energy keeps repeating that process and performing that task until it gets blocked, redirected or runs out.

This is where energy work comes in to play. Energy work is working with the energy and energy fields to unblock stuck energy and redirect where you want it to go. Energy work can be done using a number of tools. It can be done with breathing, stretching, meditation and yoga. It can be done with crystals, herbs and oils. It can be done with music, dance and singing. It can be done with medical devices like Biomats, Ion Foot Detoxes and Red Light therapy. It can be done with Reiki, Pranic Healing and non touch therapies. It can also be done through mindset and prayer.

Energy is always there, always flowing and creating. Each one of these tools is connecting to the energy, changing the old pattern and giving the energy a new place to go or a new assignment. As the energy flows in the new direction, the old pattern dissipates allowing the ailment, complaint or previous issue to improve. That is how energy and energy work fit together to accomplish some very incredible things.

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