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Online Courses
A Mind-Body Approach

Mind-Body Back Pain Reset Program


Have the usual treatment options, medications, therapies and natural alternatives had limited success in improving your chronic back pain?


Address the Mind-Body connection.  

- Learn how thoughts and feelings automatically connect with each other.

-Understand how your chronic back pain pattern got created. 

-Reprogram that pattern with new information for different results.

-Follow along with interactive exercise videos to reprogram your mind-body back pain connection with every day activites like getting up from a chair or out of bed.

Unlock Your Passion & Ignite Your Life


Has life become monotonous?   

Are you living the same day over and over?

Has the fire burnt out without even a glowing ember left?

Find out how to Unlock Your Passion and Re-Ignite your life!

Learn what passion is, how it works, the steps to get it flowing and fill your life with it. 

3 Day Live Inspired Mini-Challenge


Reinfuse your life with creativity, inspiration and fun!

3 Days of creative challenges to shake things up, fill your life with new energy and reconnect you to yourself.

Special wrap-up video at the end with the surprising lesson you learned while having fun.

 Self-Mastery 101:  You've Got The Power!Your Instruction Book To Creating and Understanding Life Experiences


Wish you could go back to kindergarten when life was simple? 


Wish imagining and creating with new ideas was still fun?


How did life get so full of rules and limitations?

Get out of your head and all those rules. 

Remember how to create your reality and be in charge of it. 

Unleash your creativity, power and fun.

Be the person your inner child wants to set free.

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