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Happiness, Excitement and Living

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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Happiness, Excitement and Living

There is something special about happiness and excitement. It’s a magical property that can be described as contagious, healing or divine. Why is this? The property that is present in happiness and excitement is the essence of life, passion.

Take a moment and think about children. They are excited by everything. A child pulls you over to show you a flower. A child makes you a macaroni necklace. A child shows you the magical sword they found in the yard that looks like a stick to you. In every one of these cases the child is filled with pure enthusiasm and excitement to share these moments, visions and experiences with you. For that bit of time you are infected by that child’s joy. You are excited and caught up in their excitement. When you break from that moment and go back to whatever is next in your world, you take that joy with you. In some cases it’s very temporary and you let it pass. In other cases you realize the gift that was shared and use it to fuel yourself getting out of a rut or inspiring something new in your life. That excitement and passion is what makes life alive.

Allow the passion of children and all people to inspire you, refill you and further ignite your own passion. That energy can change your health, your appearance and your whole life. Stop stagnating and dying. See the magic and excitement. Let the passion in and Live!

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