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Open Your Heart And Let The Past Go

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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Heart Healing and Letting The Past Go

Somewhere in your life there has most likely been an encounter, situation or event that created a block in your energy or emotion. These situations had such an impact that your happiness, excitement and energy were brought to a screeching halt. Your first reaction in these instances was most likely to compartmentalize or block everything and keep the critical parts of life flowing. At some point, you got your head wrapped around the idea of what happened. The feelings that were bottled up got dealt with after enough time had passed. Eventually you reached a point where all that was left was an emotional scar or imprint. What happens now?

That emotional scar is still affecting you. Even though you’ve worked through the ideas and emotions associated with the event and seem to be moving forward in life, something is missing. Some piece of you is not the same as it used to be. You’ve done all of this work, but you have not gotten the passion, excitement and energy back in your life. It’s still missing and there’s one more thing for you to do to get it back. Open your heart. Opening your heart doesn’t mean you have to go back and try to fix the past or make it “right” in some way. Whether you choose to do that or not, is entirely up to you. Opening your heart simply means that you are no longer letting whatever created that scar stop you from living and having joy in one particular area or every area of your life.

Opening your heart is strictly for you. It says that you are letting that emotional scar go and the past no longer gets to shape your present. You are choosing to let the scar fade away and no longer be part of the background. This opens you back up to creativity, passion and new opportunities. It also frees you from the emotional “zing” that occurs when you encounter the person, people or place involved in the original incident. Opening your heart is the return of freedom, yourself and your life.

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