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What Is A Broken Heart?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Broken Heart

A heart is whole when ideas and emotions are working in harmony creating happiness, excitement and the life you desire. When a heart breaks your emotions, which are your power source, go haywire. At this point they are no long creating in harmony with your dreams but instead, controlling you.

When emotions from a broken heart are running your show, you see a few common scenarios. Your perception of other people’s ideas and emotions control you and your choices. Your fear of your emotions determines your behavior. You block off your emotions and live through the joys of others and the outside world. All of these scenarios ultimately lead to unhappiness, stress and repeating patterns that you don’t want.

How do you fix this or mend the proverbial broken heart? You put yourself back in charge of your emotions. You realize that what you are experiencing is now part of the past and a different story. You decide what you want in your life, create it and allow it to be there. Understand that the emotions are your tool. Hiding from them only keeps you from experiencing your own joy. Fearing them keeps you repeatedly experiencing patterns that you don’t want. Allowing other people’s ideas and emotions to dictate your world keeps you from being yourself and having your life. Choose yourself, define your life and heal your broken heart.

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