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Teeccino Roasted & Mushroom Herbal Teas

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Healing, Flavorful Tea

Teeccino teas are a wonderful discovery in the tea world. What originally caught my attention about them was the statement “brews like coffee and gives you a natural energy boost”. I’ve been a tea drinker for a long time. The idea of a tea brewing and having a full body flavor like coffee sounded like something I needed to check out. The fact that these teas are made with organic herbs and contain prebiotics, which are good for your gut health, was another plus.

The first flavor I decided to try was Vanilla Nut. After brewing the first cup I was pleasantly surprised. The tea had a full body like a dark roast coffee. The flavor was smooth, rich and balanced. Having the Vanilla Nut flavor with such a heavy, well blended body was excellent. As a bonus, the herbs and prebiotics have a very satiating effect leaving you feeling content.

Teeccino seems to have two tea lines. One line is herbal roasted teas, which the Vanilla Nut flavor came from, and the other is mushroom herbal teas. From the mushroom herbal tea line I tried the Chaga Ashwaganda Butterscotch Cream. This line has the same characteristics of brewing like coffee, having a full body flavor and containing prebiotics. What is specific to the mushroom herbal teas is that they contain adaptogenic mushrooms. Adaptogens are substances that help your body deal with the effects of stress and normalize the systems that have been affected by it. The mushrooms used in this line of teas are adaptogens. I anticipated the Chaga Ashwaganda Butterscotch Cream tea was going to be good based on my experience with the Vanilla Nut. What I wasn’t sure about was just exactly if and how the butterscotch cream flavor was going to make an appearance. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised. Many adaptogens and herbs can have bitter flavors on their own. Trying to combine them and balance them is as much art as science. The Chaga Ashwaganda Butterscotch Cream not only balanced the flavors but allowed the butterscotch to come through beautifully. The cup of tea was just as flavorful, balanced and pleasant as the Vanilla Nut.

This company has done an excellent job with their tea creations. If you’re looking for something to replace your coffee, up your tea game to a fuller body, or get some stress and gut healing assistance, Teeccino is a product you will want to check out.

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