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Fantastic Coffee Find!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Tasty, Healthy Coffee!

In my travels one fall, I stopped in Louisville, Kentucky to visit a friend. My friend lived in a neat apartment complex that created the atmosphere of being its own community. This particular apartment complex and a local store a few miles away, both had farmer’s markets. Now, I love wandering through farmer’s markets. I’m a big fan of finding high quality, flavorful products and trying new things that were born from someone’s love and passion.

I happened to be spending a few days in town and got the opportunity to take in two farmer’s markets. The first one was on a Wednesday afternoon. I met a man that created a business of homemade dog treats. He was a pleasant fellow and I had a nice visit with him. When I moved on, the next tent I came to had coffee and the flavors were available to sample. Berserker Brew Coffee. The packaging had a colorful, cartoon-esque Viking on it which my inner child side found cute. What caught my attention was the information the lady shared about the creation of the coffee. The coffee was organic and engineered for athletes. Well, with my medical background and my love of food and fitness, I had to check it out. I tried a flavor called First Attack. It was very good but didn’t jump out as something that I needed to take home. I tried a second variety called Sudri. I fell in love with this one. It was smooth, clean, had beautiful flavors and I could easily drink it black. A bag of Sudri left that farmer’s market with me that day.

On Saturday luck brought me to another farmer’s market in my friend’s apartment complex. I ran into another vendor selling Berserker Brew coffee. I had a nice chat with the gentlemen there about how much I enjoyed the coffee. I was especially excited as I wanted to get a second bag for a gift and now I could purchase it. It turned out that the charismatic gentlemen I was visiting with was named Bland and he created the company. He had as much fun chatting and sharing his love of fitness and coffee as kid talking about their favorite superhero. His passion was evident in both the conversation and the quality of his coffee.

Athlete or not, if you’re a fan of excellent coffee, check out Berserker Brew. It’s made it to my list of favorites and it might soon be on yours.

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