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Olipop Sparkling Tonic

Updated: Apr 1

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Healthy Gut Drink

Olipop is a drink that was created to be flavorful and good for your gut. At first glance you could easily mistake the colorful can for a traditional soda. Just like traditional soda, Olipop offers a number of flavors many of which are inspired by your favorite sodas. These flavors range from Cherry Vanilla and Root Beer to Cream Soda, Tropical Punch and more. The flavor options and carbonation of the drink are where its similarity to soda ends.

The Olipop flavors were created with a culinary experience in mind. For example, the Cherry Vanilla was intended to remind you of a particular blend of cherries you find in a cherry pie. The Root Beer was created to spark childhood memories and pair with burgers, hot dogs and the usual foods you would grab a Root Beer to accompany. This gives you lots of flavor options if you're looking to match or replace a soda flavor. While these drinks will not match a traditional soda flavor exactly, I found them to be

The flavors are very crisp and clean with a moderate level of carbonation. You’re not going to get carbonation bubbles hitting you in the nose when you open a can but you will get a nice fizz.

On the health end, these drinks were created to be good for your gut. There is a lot in the health and wellness world about the role the gut and its microbiome play in your overall state of health. They contain a blend of botanicals, plant fibers and prebiotics that help feed the little critters making up your gut microbiome. In addition to utilizing beneficial plants, these sparkling tonics contain much less sugar than a traditional soda being sweetened with stevia leaf extract and cassava root syrup.

If you’re looking for a new drink to try that will please your palate, satisfy a sweet tooth and benefit your gut health at the same time, check out Olipop.

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