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Recess Sparkling Water: A Calm and Focused Feeling

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Calming and Focusing Drink

“We canned a feeling, not tired, not wired, a sparkling water for mood and stress for the you you are on your best days.” This is one of the first things you read on the Recess Sparkling Water can. It’s a creative and clever statement that captures the ingredients in the drink. Following this description you will find four pictures of main ingredients. A magnesium blend helps lift the mood and balance the mind. American Ginseng boosts vitality and helps you focus. L-theanine eases tension and brightens the day. Lemon Balm supports equilibrium and helps you unwind.

What does all of this mean? Nootropics and Adaptogens. The combination of ingredients in this drink work together to help calm your stressed out nervous system. At the same time you are benefiting from calming effects, the ingredients also help you focus and more gracefully navigate your way through the day.

This particular flavor was labeled black cherry. Cherry tea infusion, cherry juice concentrate and tart cherry powder contribute to the cherry flavor. It reminded me more of a sparkling tea than a sparkling water. Nice carbonation, a light cherry flavor and minimal sweetness are what I noticed first. Monk fruit is the sweetener utilized. The drink itself is sweetened just enough to prevent significant bitterness from the magnesium or ginseng. It’s nice if you’re a fan of unsweet or lightly sweetened drinks. If you prefer a very sweet drink, you’ll have to add a little sweetener of your own or skip this one.

Were the benefits noticeable to me? Yes. The calming and relaxing effects of the adaptogens and nootropics were apparent. I could start to feel them around 15 minutes. After an hour, there was significant relaxation. The background chatter my mind's thoughts disappeared, and it was easier to focus on the task I was working on. I would call that a successful combination.

If you’re looking for something to help calm your body and mind while making focusing easier, it’s worth giving this drink a try. Just remember the lower sweetness factor if you have a very strong sweet preference.

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