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Getting Centered, It Might Not Be What You Think

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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Getting Centered, Meditation Mindset

When someone talks about getting or being centered, you most likely think about breathing, meditation or something that brings you to a place of stillness. The idea of calming the mind and emotions by observing the thoughts to reach stillness is a common explanation. In reaching this place of calmness, it is common practice to close your eyes, relax into the darkness and focus on your breathing. As you focus on your breathing the mental and emotional chatter fades away until you are in a tranquil space of darkness. What is the tranquil space of darkness you have guided yourself into?

The darkness and stillness found at the center of all the chatter is you, your center, and the space between everything. On your way to this space you encountered the chatter of ideas and swirls of emotions. As you became more still and centered, the chatter disappeared and the colors of emotions gave way to tranquil darkness. From this tranquil place, it is easier to visualize and create what you want or find an answer you have been seeking.

What would happen if you were to transition from a state of being calm and centered to all of the ideas and emotions returning at once? You would feel like you’ve been hit by a bomb while standing next to a freight train. Those are very chaotic and disorienting sensations. However, when you finish a meditation, the instructions are to comeback slowly. This lets you reorient to the ideas, emotions and world around you. When you do come back, you feel calmer, more centered and more in control of your life for a period of time.

Getting centered is not just a state of being achieved from mediation. Being centered or still is the place where you create the ideas of what you want in your life. You actually do this any time you daydream, pause to think, toss around ideas with friends, etc. You might even do it when you walk, dance, exercise, paint or play music. It’s the creative space you go in and out of intentionally and unintentionally. Recognizing these ideas allows you to understand what being centered is, the many ways you get there, and to use it more effectively in your life.

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