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Mind Control, Lost And Found

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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Mind Control, Focusing Your Thoughts

You are taught many patterns, ideas and beliefs in life. You are taught that things don’t magically appear. You are taught that you have to keep track of things once you have them. You are taught that you should take care of your possessions and keep them organized. If things are organized then you won’t lose them. If you do lose something, you have to think or backtrack and remember where you put it.

Keeping these ideas in mind, have you ever met someone who has the attitude that when something is lost or misplaced, it always shows back up? Whether it’s a pen, wallet or sunglasses, cheap or expensive, whatever is missing always seems to show up around this person. Why is this? What’s so special about this person?

This person isn’t focused on all the potential places the missing item could be. This person already believes, without question, that the item will show up and it will show up somewhere in their path. There might be a place or two that gets checked but there’s no getting stuck on the idea of where the item is, isn’t, or not being able to find it.

What does this particular attitude or mindset do? It is already 100% sure you will find the item. Success is already guaranteed so you don’t get lost thinking about other potentials, start worrying and create doubt. If you’re mind got fixated and caught up in doubt, those other scenarios cloud your focus. When your focus gets clouded you can miss something that is right in front of you. Control your focus, or create and absolute belief, and what you have lost shall be found.

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