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What You Think About You Bring About

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

You’ve very likely heard the phrase, “What you think, you become”. Well, it’s true. There are different fields of study that prove it. So, how do you keep those thoughts out of trouble? By fully focusing on each task that you’re doing. This allows each task to turn out with more precision and a higher level of success. Take yoga for example. When you get ready to try a pose, especially for the first time, what happens? You watch the instructor, think about how to mimic what he/she did, and then the limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind set in. I hope I don’t look dumb. I’m not flexible. This will take me forever to learn. The list goes on depending on how your mind and belief system are programmed. If on the other hand, you watched the pose, pictured yourself doing it successfully, and kept your focus in the moment while doing it, you would have success. Why? Because your awareness was on doing the pose in the present moment and nothing else. You saw the example, visualized yourself performing it and did it without hesitation. You didn’t let your mind interfere with limiting thoughts. They had no opportunity to take your perfect idea and sabotage it.

While you are doing daily tasks, be aware of what is running through your mind or the thoughts occurring if it wanders off. Those things are telling you what is in the process of being created in your life. Here are a few common examples. Your mind starts making lists of all the other things that you have to get done today while you’re doing the dishes. You start feeling stressed and thinking that you don’t have enough time. Change your thought to something along the lines of “there is ample time for all that I choose to do”. Everything will happen more quickly and flow more easily because you changed your belief and kept your awareness on what you were doing in the present moment.

Trying new activities is another place this often shows up. It is common for a limiting belief like “I’m not good at these type of things” or “I don’t want to lose/fail” to start running through your mind before even attempting the task. This only serves to create circumstances where you do fail and are not good at it. Catch these thoughts and replace them with what you do want. Consider something along these lines: “I am great at new activities and love new opportunities.” “I am successful at everything I take on and I take on those things that bring me joy.” Change your limiting beliefs, focus on what you do want and that’s what will show up in your life. When you focus on not wanting a certain outcome, you’re putting a lot of energy into getting that outcome that you really do not want. By your thoughts, words and actions you create your life. Put your energy into focusing on what you desire, release those limitations and find out just what you are capable of achieving.

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