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The Great Shift On Earth: Living Your Truth

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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Live Your Truth

There is a lot of change going on in the world. You can see it everywhere you look from politics to healthcare and religion. If you look past the individual sectors, you can find a bigger picture that is being reflected. You might have heard mention in the past about the end of the world, the Biblical end times, the return of Christ or the Age of Aquarius. There are a lot of calculations, timelines and cycles that have been correlated. A number of differing opinions are present as to what it means, but here’s one to consider from the perspective of all things in life being connected and a reflection.

Universal Law, science and spirituality all say that everything is made of energy, connected and is a reflection of each other. Think of the current state of the world as being a cumulative reflection of the beliefs and actions taken by all of the people on it. As more people change their beliefs and actions, it is possible to watch the overall state of the world change along with it to match and it does change to accordingly. The Age of Aquarius and the Biblical return of Christ are referring to a new era or cycle in Earth’s history.

Energy connects all life on the planet. You may have heard the statement that the full moon makes people crazy. There is an energy associated with the moon phases and it has an effect on people and the planet. The ocean tides changing and animals acting oddly are two examples you may recognize. Just as the moon has cycles, there are other things in the Universe that have cycles and greatly affect the energy of the planet and all people on it. This new cycle is about rebalancing the extremes of duality and separation that were born from fear. It’s about remembering that all life is one, connected with and affected by each other. It’s about healing Mother Earth through living your dreams, sharing your joy and being your authentic self. She heals as you do because there is a shared energetic connection. It’s about releasing fears, realizing that limitation and separation are in fact illusions and watching the world turn into a place beyond imagination.

What this means is to start listening to your heart or intuition. Let go of those things in your life that no longer serve you or bring you joy. Stop letting fear of judgement or anything else run your life. By following your heart and speaking your truth there is a positive effect that is shared with other people and the planet. As more people do this the impact grows and the change is reflected in food, healthcare, governing systems, the planet, etc. The fear that stops you from sharing your truth stops you from having everything you’ve ever dreamed about and so much more. Science and spirituality are connected and both say that when you are embracing your truth nothing can stand in your way. Have faith in whichever one speaks to you and know that you are fully supported by forces beyond words. You have the power to change your life and the world at the same time just by being true to yourself. With that much power backing you, why wait any longer?

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