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You Are All Of It ~ It's All You

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Mindset: It's All Your

All pieces must have a complementary or opposite piece to be whole when viewed from the point of polarity or duality. When viewed from the perspective of oneness, all of the pieces fit perfectly together and you get to choose the lens of your experience. In essence, you are all of it. Every piece of emotion and potential idea resides within you. All of that makes up who you are at any given time. You can be viewed as whole, dual or polar, fragmented or broken. They are all just perspectives as viewpoints. None of them are fixed or permanent. You are free to change and reshape your perspectives as you wish. As your perspectives determine your experiences, you are also free to shape your experiences as well.

Knowing and accepting these concepts is one thing. To feel and embrace that you are all emotional potentials and scenarios is another. There is often a fear associated with emotions from some trauma or just belief systems you grew up around in general. Opening up emotionally doesn’t mean you are going to invite chaos and fear into your life. It simply means acknowledging you are in control of your feelings and reactions to any situation you encounter. Getting yourself stuck avoiding or blocking something is exhausting and keeps you from living your life. Feel your whole power to choose. That alone will inspire confidence and open the door to all that lies within you.

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