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The Tools In Your Current Belief System

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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Tools In Your Belief System

The idea of thinking or feeling yourself healthy, wealthy, happy, or anything else sounds absolutely amazing. There are numerous examples of people doing this along with entire disciplines that study how it works. Trying to create this shift or experience all at one time can work but it can also be overwhelming. While you’re working on getting to point of being able to change instantly, there are tools in your current belief system that can be helpful.

When you’re changing a pattern of ideas and emotions there can be a lot of intensity associated with the emotion. The level depends on how tangled up you are and your awareness of it. In the process of getting untangled, it can be easier to use the pattern of beliefs you have and focus on releasing the intensity of the emotion rather than changing all of the beliefs.

Here’s an example: You want to get healthy.

What are the first few things that come to mind involved with getting healthy?

Diet, exercise, and cutting down or out excessive bad habits like drinking and smoking

As you move forward trying to change your diet, working on exercising and cutting out those bad habits, what do you notice? You notice different forms of emotion in varying levels of intensity: anxiety, stress, anger, fear, sadness, frustration, and a desire not to do the things that help you get healthy. The emotions are giving you reasons not to change. The intensity you feel from the emotions or the physical symptoms that they seem to be creating, is stopping you or causing enough conflict that getting healthy feels difficult to accomplish.

If there were no conflict, eating healthy, exercising and quitting smoking or drinking would happen instantly and effortlessly. Since they’re not happening instantly and effortlessly yet, start taking the emotional resistance out of the ideas in the pattern. Here’s an example: If someone tells you that the orange round thing sitting on the table is an orange, what is your thought or response? It’s something along the lines of “yeah, so?” or “ok, what’s your point?”. There’s nothing to debate or argue. You can use the same concept with your getting healthy routine. I’m going to have grilled chicken and veggies for lunch. “Yeah, so?”. Think of the orange example and stop the mental emotional argument before it starts. Just fix lunch and move on. Do the same thing with exercising. I’m going to workout 45 minutes today at the gym. “Yeah, so?”. Do it and move on without letting the mental emotional argument get out started.

Without all of the ideas and emotions butting in after you make your decision, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to make that change and accomplish that task does it?

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