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Misconception of Perfection

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Perfection and Imperfection

There is a spiritual and general misconception of the idea of perfection. There is this idea that people are perfect. People are love. Everything is light and happiness. Everything will be okay. This is entirely true and entirely false at the same time. People are perfect but they are also broken messes and everything in between. People are love but they are also hate and everything in between. Everything is light and happiness but it is also darkness, fear and everything in between. Everything is okay and will be okay but it is also not okay and will not be okay and everything in between.

This paradox is oneness or wholeness. It is the understanding that every possibility exists within everything. Something is not just good or bad. It holds all potential possibilities. When you can see something or someone as whole from this perspective, you can understand the nature of reality and easily change it. You can also open an entirely new world of possibility and experiences.

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