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The Necessity of Judgement

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Judgment, Decisions and Perspective

Life is full of interesting contradictions. Take judgement for example. The frequent teaching or idea is not to judge. Judging something or someone tends to have a negative connotation. Don’t judge your parents, they did the best they could raising you. Don’t judge someone’s circumstances; you don’t know all of the details. These statements are absolutely true. But, you’re missing something if you do judge them and missing something if you don’t judge them.

When you choose to accept something or someone without judgement you’re letting all of the potential and possibilities exist. Not judging your parents for the past or someone who happens to be in less than ideal circumstances is great. You don’t want to be judged for everything that makes up your past or present either. However, if you use judgement as a tool of observation, it allows you to decide if the ideas and experience of someone else are something of inspiration or not.

In using judgment as a tool for yourself you can gain valuable information. If your judgment of someone’s story or circumstances is inspiring, you can either add that scenario to your “to do” list or use the energy created from the inspiration to fuel one of your own goals. If the judgement conclusion falls into the category of “no, not interested in creating that”, simply note that and move on.

Judging through observation instead of to condemn a person’s action or situation allows you a greater scope of reference for your life, desires and potential opportunities. You get the opportunity to see both positive and negative sides to judgment. This reminds you that the same situation can be viewed quite differently by two people and things are not always good or bad one hundred percent of the time.

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