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Attachment and Expectation: Limiting Your Life

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Attachment and Expectation Limiting Your Life

You hold the ability to create an infinite number of possibilities for yourself and your life. This is possible because you, like all other things in life, are made of energy. The energy that you are made of uses your thoughts, words and actions to create your reality. The only thing stopping you is your own limiting beliefs. As you find and release your limiting beliefs, you are able to access more and more of your limitless potential until you fully reach it.

In the process of this journey to release your limiting beliefs, you come across times that things just don’t seem to be following the rules. Despite how it may seem, they actually do. When you have an idea of something you would like to experience in your life, your mind creates a beautiful, detailed thought. You can see the idea, how it makes you feel, its taste, texture, colors, etc. You envision every detail about it. Then you move forward with the plan you came up with to make it happen. This is where you can get into trouble. If you’re great at following your gut or using your intuition, that’s fantastic! Keep it up! Overthinking and ignoring gut instinct will get you into trouble. If you move forward with your plans thinking that things have to go a certain way, you are demonstrating expectation and attachment with the process leading to the result. When you do this, you are not leaving room for the infinite number of other ways the Universe could line things up to make your dream happen. You are limiting the limitless. You might get what you were aiming for but it could take longer; you could be blocking an even better version from coming into your life; or it might not happen at all.

How does letting go of attachment and expectation help? Everything in the Universe is made up of energy and follows certain principles know as Universal Law. These Laws explain how the energies interact allowing your thoughts, words and actions to create your reality. When you have an attachment or expectation of things going a certain way, you are creating a limitation. The energy sends mixed signals to the Universe because you are really saying that you believe it will fail even though another part of you wants it to succeed. The other possibility is that you believe it will succeed, but it happens at a slower rate because the belief is that your idea is the only path. This causes you to miss out on the many other opportunities that would have let it be accomplished more easily, better, faster, etc. Letting go of attachment and expectation would have let you be open to seeing and choosing those other options. Once you let go of these limitations and move forward, you only need to listen to your intuition when it recognizes new opportunities, stay open and keep going with the flow. You will find great joy in the chain of events that magically seem to bring your ideas to life.

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