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The Purpose of Drama and Trauma

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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Purpose of Drama and Trauma

Life is meant to be an incredible, wonderful experience where you are in charge of choosing your hobbies, jobs, friendships, relationships, how much fun and what kind of fun you’re having. If you are in charge of these choices, why do drama and trauma show up in life?

Drama and trauma show up in life as wake-up calls. Whether it’s a serious health condition, a creative endeavor that failed, losing a job or relationship drama, there is something that the situation wants from you. The first thing that the situation wants from you is for you to stop. It wants you to stop everything and pay attention to it. Once it has your attention, it wants to know how you feel. It does not want to know how someone else thinks you feel. It does not want to know what a bunch of tests or physical symptoms are telling you that they think you should feel. It wants to know what you, personally, feel.

Next on the list of things the situation wants to know is what you want to do about it. What or how do you want to change things? What would you like to see as the outcome or new series of events? The situation does not want to know the doctor’s prognosis and opinion. The situation does not want to know what the book you read about it said. The situation does not want to know how the leading expert in the field recommended that you deal with it. These are all suggestions. You can agree with them or not agree with them. You get the final decision. The situation only wants to know what you want.

The point of drama and trauma is for you to see all the patterns of ideas and emotions that have brought you to a certain place and make a decision. You get the choice. You get to decide if you like where all of this has brought you. You get to decide to change the situation or not. If you choose not to change the situation, the pattern will suck you back in and keep moving in the same direction. If you choose to change the situation, conviction and determination will move you forward on your new path. That same conviction and determination decides the challenges you have along the way. They also dictate how bumpy the road is and how long those bumps slow you down. Conviction and determination are passion. Passion is your life force. It’s the momentum that gets you out of dark, sticky places and fills your life with happiness and excitement. Or, it’s the momentum that keeps you circling in drama and trauma while sucking the life out of you. Drama and trauma are your wake-up call to choose.

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