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Pure Wild Co. Mango Tumeric Marine Collagen

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

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Collagen Drink

The health promoting item on the agenda for today is Pure Wild Company’s Mango Tumeric Marine Collagen drink. The company was born out of a search to find the cleanest, purest source of marine collagen. In the process, a drink was created with high quality ingredients where the marine collagen texture and flavor both disappear. The company offers three flavors: Mango Tumeric, Blueberry Holy Basil, and Lime Agave Ginseng. Each bottle contains 3,000mg of marine collagen. Collagen has a role in skin, teeth, joints, muscles and a number of other parts of the body. It has been found to be useful in a variety of health conditions ranging from anti-aging to helping heal the gut lining.

How did the mango turmeric flavor measure up? Ingredients in this flavor included: filtered water, organic mango puree, organic passionfruit juice, organic honey, marine collagen peptides (wild caught whitefish source) and organic turmeric root powder. The first thing that stood out was the absence of a fishy smell or taste. The marine collage did successfully disappear into the drink. That is a great accomplishment considering how pungent fish based products and supplements can be. The mango, passionfruit, turmeric and honey blended together to create a lightly sweet, clean and pleasant flavor. No one particular ingredient stood out from the others. It is possible to pick out the individual ingredients if you have a discerning palate or read the label. However, a cohesive, well blended flavor is what comes across in every sip.

In the world of health promoting drinks, this collagen beverage is a light, flavorful way to get a good dose of highly absorbable collagen into your system and an anti-inflammatory boost all while quenching your thirst.

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