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Hammam Mitt

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

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Effective Exfoliation

I was introduced to the Hammam Mitt by a friend of mine whom spent time living in the Middle East. She’s big into skincare and was explaining how it was used in spas and as part of regular skincare routines in that part of the world. Hammam Mitts are used to exfoliate the skin after soaking in a hot bath or using a sauna. I’ve been a longtime fan of salt scrubs, sugar scrubs and dabbling in making my own. I thought there was a possibility the Hammam Mitt might be something that would fit into my skincare routine. I searched through Amazon, found one that looked good and confirmed with my friend that it was indeed the correct product, and ordered one.

Opening the Hammam Mitt was a fascinating experience. It was shaped like a car wash mitt. You slide your entire hand into the mitt and the elastic around the wrist holds it in place. The mitt itself is the thinnest material you can imagine. I rubbed the fabric between my fingers and it felt like very fine sand paper. Everything was very lightweight and I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to hold up.

The initial test went well. After soaking in a salt bath for 20 minutes, I gave it a try. I used the mitt with about the same amount of pressure as a wash cloth. As I did, the dead skin proceeded to roll up in little balls. My first thought was how wonderfully effective it was at exfoliating. My second thought was how the mitt appeared to be much more sturdy being used than it looked when I first opened it. After I finished exfoliating, I washed it out with soap and hung it up to dry. The recommended frequency of using the Hammam Mitt is once a week. After months of using it, the mitt held up very well. It did come apart on a seam eventually but that was only after several months of regular use.

The conclusion, if you’re a fan of exfoliating products, this is one that you’ll want to look into. It’s long lasting and very effective.

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