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How the Detoxing Effects of Heat Relieve Aches and Pains

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

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Heat Detox Relieving Aches and Pains

Detox. The word itself means to remove toxins. Toxins are created from an imbalance or mixed messages going on in your body for a period of time. These toxins are a byproduct that cause symptoms you don’t like or want. Detoxing your body occurs by utilizing different methods to help get these mixed signals calmed down and back in balance. The use of a sauna and heat are excellent ways of accomplishing this.

Saunas create heat. Heat causes your body to relax. When your body relaxes, blood flow and circulation increase. As blood flow and circulation increase, your body is given the opportunity to spend some time in a state of relaxation. During this time some of the effects of the stress patterns that caused the toxin build up are cleared out. The longer your body gets to stay in the state of relaxation with increased blood flow and circulation, the more efficient the detoxification process. Part of this is due to the toxins being removed and the body being brought back into balance. The other part is due to the stress or fear signal, that caused the toxin build up in the first place, getting a break. While the body is relaxing, it is getting the signal that everything is ok and there is no reason to be stressed. This helps to reprogram the stress signal and prevent future toxin build up as long as the stress signal stays off.

Overall, the heat acts as a signal for your body to relax. That signal counteracts the stress signals it has been receiving and starts putting things back into a relaxed and balanced state. Then, the physical effects of the heat start undoing and ridding your body of the stockpile of stuff that your body makes in stress mode. That stock pile of stuff, which is not necessary unless your body is truly under attack, is what causes the aches, pains and other symptoms. The wonderful properties of heat help reverse the process and get you back where you want to be.

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