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Spring Cleaning: Add Yourself To The “To-Do” List!

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Add Yourself To The Spring Cleaning List!

Spring is on its way! With that said, the traditional spring cleaning will be on many people’s minds. In addition to the usual household cleaning and decluttering tasks, add yourself to the list. The trees and flowers shouldn’t be the only ones getting to share their new found colors with the world.

Start by writing down a list of your goals. What do you want to accomplish or change? They don’t have to be “change the world” big in order to be on the list. The list is about making you and your life feel the way you want. Do you want to start exercising? Do you need to change your diet in some way? Are you having trouble getting going in the morning? Is your wardrobe exactly the same as it was three years ago? Are you in need of a new hobby? As you’re writing this list leave some space after each goal.

Once you have the list made, it’s time for part two. Write down how you feel about each goal. If you’re excited and feel like “you’ve got this” that’s fantastic. If not, take a few minutes to think about the doubts and concerns you have about a particular goal. Write these things down or at least a key word or two next to the goal. Looking at your doubts and concerns ahead of time can make smoother sailing in accomplishing your goals.

Part three is to change the doubts you have about a goal by breaking down your concerns and feeling with what you consider to be reasonable solutions. For example, you want to start exercising but don’t feel that you have time. Can you spare 5, 10 or 15 minutes without feeling stressed? Of course you can! Start there and pick an activity that counts as exercise to do in that time frame. There are tons of great videos and options thanks to technology. You can even go for a walk and opt for time in nature if technology is part of what you need a break from. Maybe exercise isn’t on your list but your wardrobe has stopped inspiring you. Change it up! If you have the budget, go all out and get rid of everything that you don’t love. If you need smaller steps, add a few new pieces in different styles and colors for versatility. There are lots of budget friendly options from resale apps like Poshmark to overstock websites like Zulily and thrift stores. Use these examples to help you see that there are lots of options that work within your feelings to change them from concern to excitement and make your goal seem possible.

The final step, step four, is to create a plan with steps you feel are doable and that you will commit to. Some people find big steps exciting. Other people are so terrified by change that the steps need to be small. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into. Create the steps in a way that you feel you can accomplish them. By doing this, it makes committing and achieving those goals much easier.

Anytime you’re ready to start a new season in your life, even if it’s not officially spring cleaning, remember these steps. First, create a list of your goals. Second, write down how you feel about each goal. Third, change the doubts you have about a goal by breaking down your concerns and feelings with what you feel are reasonable solutions. Finally, create a plan with steps you feel are doable and will commit to. This will allow you to make changes more easily and add a breath of fresh air to your life!

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