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Fuel Prices, Cash & Stress

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Extra Cash, Less Stress, Fueling Up

Money. It’s something that causes a significant number of people stress. Whatever reason you have for worrying about money, the stress it’s creating in your body is going to cause you even more problems if you don’t shut it down. In the name of health and wellness, here’s something that might give you some stress relief in the money department.

A few months ago I heard about the Upside App. It is supposed to help you find deals on gas/diesel, restaurants, groceries and convenience. Do a quick search, click on the deal you want, fill up your gas tank or make a purchase, get the reward amount deposited in your app, and cash it out whenever you want. This intrigued me enough to check it out. Being in a very small town at the time, the gas station that I loved to use, and one of the only two options in town, was not on the list of options for the app. A bit sad, I deleted the app and went on about life. A few months later I was out of town house sitting. The Upside App popped into my head again as I was headed back home from this out of town adventure. I had to fill up my car and thought I’d give it another shot.

I pulled into a Casey’s. It was the only gas station for several miles in the rural stretch of country that I was heading down. Thanks to internet service on my phone, I downloaded the app. After creating an account, it only took a few seconds for the app to scan and find a deal at the Casey’s where I stopped. I clicked on the deal, fueled up my car and took a picture of my receipt. Had I spent another minute or two playing with the app, I could have figured out there was an option to link your credit card. It saves you the trouble of getting a receipt and taking a picture. With the transaction complete I headed home. Side note, the app is defaulted to regular gasoline. You can go into the profile and change it to a different grade or diesel before you search for deals.

A couple of days later I got an email showing $5 and change had been deposited in savings from my fuel-up. Plus, a quick search showed me that both of the gas stations in my small town were now on the app. It made me smile. It was easy, painless and extra money to save or spend on something else. Now, mind you, there was a bonus for using the app for the first time. However, it’s hard to argue when you’re getting a few bucks back by clicking a couple of buttons on your smartphone when you gas up, shop or use one of the categories.

Whether you’re in a big or small town, check out the Upside App. It’s an easy way to get some cash back, cut down on stress and add a little thrill to your day. Who doesn’t love money? If you want to check it out, this referral code will get you some extra savings to kick things off.

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