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The Ultimate Beverage Blend: Coffee, Tea & Cacao

Kitchen creativity runs in my family. Having a beverage with my dad and enjoying brainstorming or quality time is a favorite activity. I’ve made many creative beverage and food combinations but this one was his idea. It’s also incredibly tasty and loved by many who have tried out the recipe. Get ready to experience what happens when three very popular drinks and some of my favorite brands come together.

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Ultimate Beverage Blend

List of Ingredients

1. Berserker Brew Sudri: Organic coffee with and extremely smooth body and flavor

2. Mate Factor Fresh Green Yerba Mate: Organic Yerba Mate with a fresh, smooth and lightly green flavor

3. Crio Bru Nicaragua: Organic cacao with berry, coffee and chocolate flavor notes

Optional: Local honey and Organic Half & Half

Discovery of the Ingredients

1. Berserker Brew coffee is a treat I discovered while visiting a friend in Louisville, Kentucky. It is incredibly clean and smooth with different flavor notes depending on the variety you choose. The founder is a delightful gentleman named Bland. He has a fiery passion about both his top quality coffee and its benefits in fitness.

2. Crio Bru was brought into my life by a friend over a discussion of health foods and a shared love of chocolate. Crio Bru is organic ground cacao which you brew like coffee or tea. It creates a wonderful drink showcasing the flavors of the beans just as coffee would. There are several different options but the flavor notes from the Nicaragua blend are what made it into this recipe.

3. Mate Factor Yerba Mate was discovered on a trip to Colorado Springs. My enjoyment of yerba led me into the Mate Factor store to try one of their Yerba Mate creations. Thanks to their way of processing it, the clean, smooth and light flavor of their fresh green Yerba Mate quickly made it one of my favorites.


2 Tablespoons Berserker Brew Sudri

1 Tablespoon Crio Bru Nicaragua

1 Tablespoon Mate Factor Fresh Green Yerba Mate Loose Leaf

* Optional Local Honey and Organic Half & Half to taste


Step 1: In a coffeemaker add 5 cups of water.

Step 2: To the coffee filter add the Berserker Brew coffee, the Crio Bru cacao and the Mate Factory Yerba tea

Step 3: Turn on coffee pot and brew.

Step 4: Pour into coffee cups.

Step 5: Add honey and half & half to taste.


Savor Your Beverage!

These brands are very clean in their creation process giving you great flavor and plenty of health benefits. You now have a new beverage blend to enjoy and share!

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