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"Exploring the Benefits of Moss Pomegranate Sea Moss Beverage: A Nutrient-Rich Powerhouse in a Bottle"

Updated: Apr 1

Pomegranate Sea Moss Drink
Pomegranate Sea Moss Drink

Food from the ocean has long been known for its nutritional value.  Sea moss is no exception to that. Sea moss is a naturally occurring edible algae.  This particular sea moss is found along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean.  Sea moss is high in minerals like iodine and potassium along with other vitamins.  It is said that sea moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals and nutrients contained in the human body.  That’s a lot of potential nutritional value and Moss contains 13 grams of sea moss per bottle.

Pomegranate is the flavor of Moss beverage chosen for this review.  The pomegranate sea moss is infused with pomegranate juice and botanical extracts. The ingredients include: reverse osmosis water, organic pomegranate juice concentrate, sea moss, erythritol, organic black currant essence, organic hibiscus extract, organic orange extract, organic monk fruit

In the flavor department, Moss is a non-carbonated drink with the consistency of a thin juice, like lemonade.  There is a heaviness and bite from the pomegranate juice.  The sea moss flavor blends well with the black currant, orange and hibiscus flavors making up the latter flavor notes.  Overall, the drink is not sweet.  I would compare it in sweetness to drinking an unsweet tea.  The monk fruit and erythritol that are used as sweeteners are enough to balance the tart bite from the pomegranate juice without shifting it into the sweet tasting drink category.

What did I notice after drinking it? There is a noticeable feeling when your body gets an influx of nutrients.  I noticed this feeling about 20 minutes after finishing the entire bottle.  In addition, there also came a feeling of calmness and clarity.  These effects were my personal experience and not a claim that it will affect everyone that way. 

If you enjoy unsweet teas or tart juices like pomegranate, the sweetness profile of this drink will likely fit your flavor profile.  Combine that with the high-density nutrient content of sea moss and it might be just what your body has been thirsting for.

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