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Cannabis & Healing: Smoke It, Eat It or Rub It In?

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Cannabis and Healing: Smoke It, Eat It or Rub It In

Cannabis is a plant that has been shown to be beneficial in helping with seizures, pain, glaucoma and muscle spasms. There are several other conditions on the list of what it is being used to treat medically, with no end to its potential benefits. In choosing to utilize cannabis for its healing properties, you are going to have to determine how you want to get it into your system. You can smoke it, eat it or rub it in. Which method is best for you?

Smoking cannabis is one of the most well-known methods. There are several different device choices available. Joints, bongs, one-hitters, and pipes are just a few of the options. The biggest benefit to smoking cannabis is the speed at which it kicks in. The effects are felt almost instantly but may take up to 10 minutes to be fully experienced. Smoke carries the cannabinoids to your lungs where they reach your blood stream. This allows you to get symptom relief very quickly. In cases where you are looking for fast symptom relief, this is a great option. There will be a learning curve in determining how often you smoke for symptom relief and how many inhalations you take during each session. Depending on your environment, dealing with the smoke could be a downside. If you have sensitive lungs or sinuses inhaling the smoke could cause irritation or other symptoms.

Eating cannabis is another well-known method that is historically associated with brownies. Cannabis consumed in an edible form takes anywhere from forty-five minutes to three hours to kick in depending on whether you have an empty stomach or have eaten recently . Ingesting cannabis takes longer to kick in than smoking because more steps are required before it hits your blood stream. The cannabis has to travel to your stomach, be digested and get sent to other organs for additional breakdown and activation before it can reach your blood stream. Choosing to eat cannabis is a good alternative if you are sensitive to smoke or prefer a slower onset of action. It also gives you a number of options to combine it with different foods if you don’t like the flavor of the plant itself. If you enjoy the plant flavor and want to avoid brownies or sweets, there are extracts and tinctures that you can ingest a tiny amount of and get great benefits.

External use or rubbing Cannabis oil into your skin is the third option. The oil rubbed into the skin takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes for you to feel its effects. This method allows you to skip the taste factor altogether. It is also beneficial if you don’t get along with inhaling smoke or have a sensitive digestive tract. This is a great option if you are looking to treat external aches and pains, skin conditions, benefit from anti-aging properties or get a buildup of endocannabinoids in your system without having to worry about potentially getting high when figuring out the best dose for you. This method would not be as good for getting high doses of cannabis into your blood stream as smoking or eating it. In instances where you need high doses for treating a condition, rubbing cannabis oil on your skin would be a good additional option that could be used in conjunction with eating or smoking it.

Choosing the method of using cannabis that is right for you is a process. There will be trial and error because everyone responds differently and has their own personal preferences. You will likely end up using more than one method and creating the combination that works perfectly for you. The information from this article has given you the basics to choose a starting point or work on perfecting your own protocol. As with many products in the world of health and healing, start low and go slow on the dose. This will allow you to see patterns and make the changes that fit you best.

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