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Empower Yourself, Change Your Life


     You have reached the place of mindset, fun and inspired living.  Self-mastery is something you are born with.  It’s this fascinating ability to take an idea, give it meaning and create an experience with it.  Add those experiences together and you get a history known as life.  Sometimes you get lost or stuck along the way.  Sometimes you have breathtakingly beautiful moments.  And sometimes you are just flowing along with your status quo.

     What you’ll find here, and on the linked social media pages, is life inspiration.  It’s a combination woven together in the form of online courses, blog articles, videos and photos.  Whether it’s a picture or a thousand words, keeping it simple and fun is the point here.  The best part is you get to take the information and let it inspire you in whatever way works for you.  It’s a win, win.

Life is meant to be whatever you want to create with it.


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Online Courses

Find the online guidance you're searching for to change yourself and your life!


Different subjects and approaches to learning.


Information presented in simple, easy to follow formats giving you the understanding and power you need to succeed.




Empower Yourself, Change Your Life!


Coaching & Energy Work

Coaching and energy work focus on recognizing, understanding and changing the stories that make up your life. 

Knowing how the thoughts, feelings and energy connect to create a story gives you not only the ability to recognize it but also the power to change it. 

These sessions work with the story or area of your choosing to bring you the awareness, clarity and structure to do just that.  This can be any area from mindset, health, happiness, life in general and more.  

Check out the individual pages for more details or submit the contact form if you have additional questions.

Blog Snippets

     Informational snippets of wisdom on a variety of subjects related to mindset, health, happiness, healing, energy and life.

     If you're looking for a quick read that will give you a new perspective or some new ideas, this is the place for you to visit.

   Select blogs are also available on the YouTube channel in narrated video format as Vlogs.

     Interested in a topic but can't find it in the blog?  Fill out the contact form and send a few details about the subject.  It might just end up as a future post.


Social Media

     Looking for something to inspire you, make you smile, or up the energy in your day?  Check out the social media pages!

     YouTube is the video hub.  It has nature videos, cute and funny animal videos, video blogs, and others that fit the mindset, fun, inspired living theme.

     Facebook and Instagram have a mix of these videos posted along with fun and entertaining  pictures, inspirational and witty sayings, blogs and whatever other ideas make the cut.

Take Your Pick!

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All content and information associated with and produced by Create The New Reality is for informational purposes only.  It is NOT medical advice.  It is NOT a substitute for medical advice.  It is NOT a substitute for medical therapies.  

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