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Services at Triple Moon Massage


I am excited to offer select in-person services at Triple Moon Massage. 

To schedule a session call or text me at 727-210-5441.  

Digital health and wellness products are also available on my website.

Empower Yourself, Change Your Life!

You deserve the best!

Dr. Jessica Bacon


Energy Work Session

Sessions are similar to Reiki and focus on clearing and balancing the energy centers or chakras in the body.  

30 minute session $40

Coaching Session

These sessions help you make successful changes.  The thoughts and behaviors causing your past habits are discussed.  Then a new pattern of thoughts and behaviors is created allowing you to transition into a new habit or achieve a goal.

 30 minute session $40


BioMat Session

These sessions help detox your body while you relax.  The BioMat is made up of amethyst and tourmaline crystals along with other synergistic materials and technology.  It blocks electromagnetic frequencies while detoxing your body.  A heat option is also available. 

 30 minute session $20


Relaxation Session

Shut out the world and relax.  Enjoy nature sounds from the sound machine and aromatherapy from the diffuser while you nap, meditate, focus on your breathing or simply enjoy the solitude.  Stop for a cup of tea in lounge afterwards.  

30 minute session $20

Add on Biomat for an additional $10

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