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Triple Moon Massage & Herbal Concoctress

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Massage and Herbal Products

As part of my Create The New Reality blog, I write articles on a number of topics that fall into the categories of mindset, fun and inspired living. This particular article happens to include a personal friend. Situated in West Plains, Missouri is a business named Triple Moon Massage. There you will find a fascinating woman named Sherah. Sherah is a massage therapist with a passion for healing and creating her own line of products. As a therapist, she is skilled in a number of different massage styles from Swedish to deep tissue and even trigger point. She is excellent with pain and symptom relief. One of her latest therapy additions is something called body tempering. Body tempering has been equated to foam rolling on steroids. It’s a wonderful tool to give really stuck problem areas the kick they need to relax.

In addition to massage therapy skills, Sherah has a degree in complementary alternative medicine that focused on herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Sherah loves using her knowledge of herbs, essential oils and alternative medicine to create natural products that help her patients heal from their ailments. If you sneak a peek into her workshop, you’ll find an impressive array of herbs, essential oils, books, glass bottles and all the other equipment necessary to take what mother nature created and formulate it into something that will make your body smile in relief. The passion, focus and thoughtful consideration that go into making each of these individual or small batch products are a marriage of art and science. It is an art to take all of the information and healing properties contained in herbs, oils, etcetera, and formulate them into to a single product. In my opinion, the skill and energy she puts forth in doing this earns her the title of herbal concoctress.

If you’re in the West Plains, Missouri area and looking for a great massage therapist or some excellent handmade products, stop by and check out what she offers at Triple Moon Massage. If you happen to live outside of the area but are intrigued by what the herbal concoctress might have whipped up, check out her website at or her Etsy store at

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