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  Align Your Energy 
         Let It Flow!


     The stories or blueprints that make up your life experiences are composed of thoughts, emotions and energy.  When the thoughts and emotions get stuck the energy does too.  This can show up as different symptoms, problems and complaints.  Energy healing sessions work on the energy levels to align stuck pieces in the blueprint allowing the energy to flow again.

     How does it work?  Each energy blueprint has an original point of alignment where everything flows.  The healing session creates a pause in the story playing from the stuck blueprint.  Once the pause button is hit, a connection is made with the original blueprint.  By consciously connecting from the pause to the original blueprint the energy starts to untangle itself and return to its original alignment.  While the energy is aligning there are details that show up about the blocks, what they’re connected to and where they came from.  Sometimes spiritual messages and soul messages show up in the energy as well.


     Each session is done in two parts.  Prior to the first part, a photo of yourself and description of what you would like worked on is requested.  Part one of the session is the energy healing (alignment) and writing down of messages that come with it.  The second part is a phone call where the session and messages are shared and discussed.  The phone call allows for further anchoring of the energy and awareness as to why the energy was out of alignment.  The phone call lasts approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the level of discussion and questions about the messages. Each session is $250 payable through PayPal.  


     Click below to request a session.  Please include what you would like to work on, what you hope to gain from the experience, a photo of yourself and any questions.

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