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Core Focused

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More Power, Less Effort
Get Centered!


What is Core Focused Fitness?


     Core Focused Fitness is an Integrative approach to exercise using the Mind-Body-Spirit principles.  The Mind-Body-Spirit principles are the connection between the ideas, emotions, energy and how they work together to create the physical. 

     Any time you exercise, whether it’s for health, competition, or fun, you have a goal.  That goal comes with a series of ideas about how to accomplish it, called a plan.  There are a number of preconceived ideas and feelings that you reference during the process of achieving that goal.  Those ideas and emotions either motivate you more, slow you down, or stop you altogether.  All of these pieces are the Mind-Body-Spirit principles in action.

     Breaking down these principles and understanding how they work together can change the game.  You accomplish goals more quickly, gain more power with less effort, feel more energized after a workout, and connect to your whole body on a new level.   

Core Focused Fitness Session Options:

Get Centered Fitness Session:  This session is NOT about creating your workout program.  It is about working with your already existing workout programs but focusing on a specific part.  This specific piece is centering or aligning your body.  Centering your body means that every exercise, regardless of how specific, involves your entire body.  When your whole body is engaged during each exercise you improve muscle imbalances, get faster results, more definition, greater strength,  have less soreness and feel more energized AFTER your workout. 

Knowing and doing this are two different things.  Using exercises from your current workout program, you are taken through what centering yourself and engaging your entire body feels like in each exercise.  Going through this process and repeating it for different muscle groups allows you to connect with the feeling and have an awareness of what your body feels like when you are exercising from this place.  Once you have the experience, you have the awareness and knowledge to use it every single time you work out.  This session can be done with or without weights and machines.

This is currently available in locations near the Seminole, Florida area.


Mind-Body-Spirit Exercise Principles Session: This session is about understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit principles and how they work together to create your fitness experience.  These principles are all of the ideas and emotions that show up during each and every part of your fitness journey.  They are what inspire you, stress you, support you and sabotage you.  It might be making it to the gym, getting through your workout once your there, success with your diet, achieving a certain level of muscle definition or however you want to fill in the blank. 

Understanding what these pieces are and how they work together is how you change the game.  This session takes you through those principles and shows you how to understand them in a simple format.  This awareness and understanding gives you power over the ideas and emotions.  Combine that with your workout and you become the master of sculpting your body on a whole new level in ways that are fun for you! 

This session can be done in person if near the Seminole, Florida area or over the phone.



Mind-Body-Spirit Exercise Principles Online Course:  This course is currently under construction.  It is the expanded online course version of the Mind-Body-Spirit Exercise Principles Session.  It breaks down the principles, how they create your fitness experience and how you restructure them into what you want.  This is done in a simple, self-study format that allows you to go at your own pace.


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